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  • Inspecting Chrome release schedules

    Inspecting Chrome release schedules

    ChromeOS makes OS updates seamless and completely transparent to the users. There are no Patch-Tuesdays in ChromeOS world and certainly no service-packs either. However, if you have more than a few 100 Chromebooks in your network, understanding what releases are rolling out, and when is important. This can become very handy when you troubleshoot user-issues. […]

  • Interesting Chrome M105 Mac rollout

    Interesting Chrome M105 Mac rollout

    If you have watching the Chrome M105 rollout, you will notice that there are two different versions of Chrome M105 rolling out at the same time for Mac. If you add up the percentages it will all add up to 100%. Depending on which bucket a client falls in, you will probably get one of […]

  • ChromeOS AutoUpdate fun facts

    ChromeOS AutoUpdate fun facts

    ChromeOS is one of the very few operating systems, which silently auto-updates itself every couple of weeks without explicitly notifying or seeking permission from the user. Its able to do so because its designed to be quick, efficient and 100% fail-proof. This post will go into the details of those key design elements and how […]

  • Impact assessment of a Chrome release

    Impact assessment of a Chrome release

    Chrome 105 launched last week across multiple platforms and its packed with a lot of changes. I’ll provide some guidance on how to do an impact assessment of a Chrome release, and as an example we will go over the 105 release notes to show how I reviewed it. Generally I look at every Chrome […]

  • Latest ChromeOS rollout status

    Latest ChromeOS rollout status

    When you are running ChromeOS fleet at “Enterprise Scale” one of the biggest challenges is understanding what versions your devices are on. And while you can control them using Enterprise management controls, knowing exactly what is available for which device is not always easy. To solve this, and to make it simpler for you all […]

  • Important ChromeOS AutoUpdate Controls

    Important ChromeOS AutoUpdate Controls

    Chromebooks abstract out a lot of complexity from the end users and have made it easy for someone new to use it. ChromeOS AutoUpdate infrastructure does the same for IT Admins, who are responsible for managing OS updates to the ChromeOS devices. The focus on security, speed and usability has made ChromeOS to be one […]

  • Why am I getting updates after Chromebook reached AUE ?

    Why am I getting updates after Chromebook reached AUE ?

    Every Chromebook comes with an Auto-Update-Expiry (AUE) date. You can check yours by going to chrome://os-settings/help and clicking on Additional details. Below is what it looks like on my Pixelbook Go which lists the date as June 2026 However, interestingly the updates don’t always stop on the date/month specified. Google takes stability of its devices […]