Interesting Chrome M105 Mac rollout

If you have watching the Chrome M105 rollout, you will notice that there are two different versions of Chrome M105 rolling out at the same time for Mac. If you add up the percentages it will all add up to 100%. Depending on which bucket a client falls in, you will probably get one of the 2 versions.

Its unclear why there are two versions available. But the most likely explanation is that they started rolling out .102 and then realized they had an urgent fix which needed to be included and that resulted in creation of .125 version.

Its typical in such situations to start the rollout of the new version at a lower percentage until they become confident that it doesn’t break anything. Once they have all the data, I expect them to fully ramp it up to 100%.

Chrome Rollout plan for Mac

It is this type of slow/calculated rollout which allows Chrome to update every 2 to 4 weeks.






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