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  • ChromeOS update frequency demystified

    ChromeOS update frequency demystified

    If you follow this blog, you already know that ChromeOS updates roll out every 4 weeks. You should also know that there are 6 different channels available and as a ChromeOS admin there may be a need for you to use more than one channels in your organization. While all channels officially progress every four…

  • Hidden secret: Chrome’s “Extended Stable Refresh” channel

    Hidden secret: Chrome’s “Extended Stable Refresh” channel

    Chrome has revolutionized how security and feature updates are pushed to users. Up until Chrome M94 release, Chrome used to update the binaries every 6 weeks, but since then they have moved to updating the browser every 4 weeks instead. This allows Google to push out security and feature updates much more rapidly. For more…

  • ChromeOS AutoUpdate fun facts

    ChromeOS AutoUpdate fun facts

    ChromeOS is one of the very few operating systems, which silently auto-updates itself every couple of weeks without explicitly notifying or seeking permission from the user. Its able to do so because its designed to be quick, efficient and 100% fail-proof. This post will go into the details of those key design elements and how…