ChromeOS administrator certification (its Free!)

Google today announced that just like its certification for Professional Workspace admin its now launching a certification for ChromeOS Administrators which would be specifically designed for ChromeOS experts to demonstrate that they can do all of the critical tasks needed to manage a ChromeOS fleet at scale.

Designed for enterprise and education systems administrators, and junior engineers with at least one year of holistic IT infrastructure experience, the three-hour exam has 50 multiple choice questions and 30 hands-on lab questions. Test-takers have 90 minutes to complete each section. The exam assesses the ability to perform actions from Google Admin Console, including configuring ChromeOS policies and understanding the tenets of ChromeOS.

Here is the kicker, the $125 registration fee is free until Jan 2024 !

Additional info

  • Registration page – You will have to create new account
  • Exam guide – Shows what you will need to know to take this test
  • FAQs – Top frequently asked questions
  • Retake policy – you can take it more than once… but there are some time conditions attached.

Note that I had some challenges creating an account, and am reaching out to the support team to sort it out. Let me know if any of you managed to sign up successfully and definitely tell me if you cleared it.





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