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  • Repairing Chromebooks at scale

    Repairing Chromebooks at scale

    Most of you would already know that Google supports Chromebooks with 7 to 8 years with OS updates. This is one of the sites which can be used to quickly find Chromebook AUE dates for your devices. If your organization is buying a lot of Chromebooks, you may need to think ahead about how to […]

  • Hidden secret: Chrome’s “Extended Stable Refresh” channel

    Hidden secret: Chrome’s “Extended Stable Refresh” channel

    Chrome has revolutionized how security and feature updates are pushed to users. Up until Chrome M94 release, Chrome used to update the binaries every 6 weeks, but since then they have moved to updating the browser every 4 weeks instead. This allows Google to push out security and feature updates much more rapidly. For more […]

  • Important ChromeOS AutoUpdate Controls

    Important ChromeOS AutoUpdate Controls

    Chromebooks abstract out a lot of complexity from the end users and have made it easy for someone new to use it. ChromeOS AutoUpdate infrastructure does the same for IT Admins, who are responsible for managing OS updates to the ChromeOS devices. The focus on security, speed and usability has made ChromeOS to be one […]

  • Managing Chromebooks at scale with ease

    Managing Chromebooks at scale with ease

    If you are new to ChromeOS and Google Workspace, setting up the Chrome device policies for the first time may be a daunting task. I’ll guide you through the steps you should take to setup your environment and make recommendations on what you should setup first. Prerequisites You should be an “Admin” on a working […]