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  • Chromebook – the best device for sharing

    Chromebook – the best device for sharing

    Chromebooks are cheap enough that its typically not shared by multiple users. At my home, we have a few shared Chromebooks which are used by kids and as a policy I’ve created an account for everyone of them on every device. Chromebook’s shareable capabilities are often overlooked and this post will help you understand your […]

  • Debugging ChromeOS policies

    Debugging why a device is not enforcing certain policies can sometimes be painful. This tutorial should help you speed this up. ChromeOS, unlike most other operating systems, doesn’t give you too many ways to look at system settings using a shell/script. But what you can do is look at its policies using the browser. You […]

  • IWA: Isolated Web Apps – apps on steroids

    Publishing on the web is so easy that everyone and their grandma can do it. The harder part is to secure that server and making sure the version of the content on the clients device is not hacked. There are a few different reasons why App developers still prefer Android and iOS today They are […]

  • A brief history of ChromeOS time

    ChromeOS, the operating system which powers one of the fastest growing set of devices in the world, is one of the very few OS which is designed ground-up with security and simplicity. It may not have all the bells and whistles like in the latest Windows or Mac OS, but it does have something which […]

  • ChromeOS gets more Secure

    One of the reasons I love ChromeOS is because its open source. Its so open, that Google encourages folks to openly hack it as well. And it pays experts reporting good reproducible security bugs. But more importantly each and everyone of those security bug reports makes the OS more secure. One of the best examples […]

  • ChromeOS LTS moving to M102

    ChromeOS team announced today that ChromeOS is about to start moving to its second LTS version release with M102. The release is expected to start rolling out on Monday, Sep 19th. But while it prepares for this change, we noticed one odd thing. The ChromeOS files don’t list LTS versions for any boards at this […]

  • Interesting Chrome M105 Mac rollout

    If you have watching the Chrome M105 rollout, you will notice that there are two different versions of Chrome M105 rolling out at the same time for Mac. If you add up the percentages it will all add up to 100%. Depending on which bucket a client falls in, you will probably get one of […]

  • Chrome Enterprise weekly – Sep 11, 2022

    Chrome 105 is now fully rolled out to all platforms There are a few exceptions HP Chromebook x360 11 G1, HP Chromebook 14 G5, HP Chromebook 11 G6 still on 103.0.5060.177 These are 2 Major versions behind which is a concern. I’m hoping they will move to M105 soon. HP Elite Dragonfly, is still on […]

  • Chromebook Zero-Touch Enrollment

    Ever wonder how large Schools and Enterprises setup Chromebooks for their students and employees ? Gone are the days when the IT team would have to “image” every single device before giving it to the end-users. With Chromebooks, “enrolling the device” is usually the critical first step for the device to receive its “device policies”. […]

  • ChromeOS AutoUpdate fun facts

    ChromeOS is one of the very few operating systems, which silently auto-updates itself every couple of weeks without explicitly notifying or seeking permission from the user. Its able to do so because its designed to be quick, efficient and 100% fail-proof. This post will go into the details of those key design elements and how […]

  • Impact assessment of a Chrome release

    Chrome 105 launched last week across multiple platforms and its packed with a lot of changes. I’ll provide some guidance on how to do an impact assessment of a Chrome release, and as an example we will go over the 105 release notes to show how I reviewed it. Generally I look at every Chrome […]

  • Digital Signage at scale using ChromeOS

    Building a cheap Digital Signage device is easy, but building one which can be deployed and managed at scale is the key to success. ChromeOS allows you to do exactly that with the right set of tools and knowledge. I’m going to show you how to build a simple signage app which would show ChromeOS […]

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