New Productivity features on Chromebook !

Google announced a bunch of new features today which take Chromebooks to a new level of productivity. The latest versions of ChromeOS has been slowly rolling out some of these capabilities, but they will fully come to light later this fall when these features are formally launched.

Photos has a new Movie editor !

The new Movie editor will allow you to create new videos right inside Google Photos.

And just like everything on Chromebook, they have made the video creation super easy for those who don’t know where to start. Just select the videos/photos you want to use and Google Photos will auto create it for you. And for those who are more creatively inclined can do it the hard way as well.

Google Photos Movie app

Three new features

Google is launching three new apps by end of this year.

  • Gallery app will now have PDF editing features. School kids will love this.
  • Screencast app will be available for everyone
  • Cursive app would now be available for everyone using a stylus

Updated Chromebook Perks

Finally, Google has updated its Chromebook perks page with a bunch of new offers which are designed for students. Here are some examples

  • Canva pro for 3 months
  • Evernote 50% off
  • Adobe Express for 2 months
  • Google one – 100GB storage for 1 year
  • Youtube Premium for 3 months

If you want to read more, here is the complete Google post about this and if you want to find your next perfect Chromebook take a look at the most popular devices here.







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