Latest ChromeOS rollout status

When you are running ChromeOS fleet at “Enterprise Scale” one of the biggest challenges is understanding what versions your devices are on. And while you can control them using Enterprise management controls, knowing exactly what is available for which device is not always easy.

To solve this, and to make it simpler for you all to do this, I’ve created a ChromeOS version rollout tracker which pulls information from multiple independent sources and updates itself every few hours.

Interesting features of ChromeOS rollout tracker

  • Shows AUE (Auto-Update Expiry) for every device every released
  • Lists the latest version of ChromeOS for every available channel: Extended, Extended-candidate, Stable, Beta, Dev, Canary
  • Shows Chrome’s rollout status across LaCrOS, Windows, Mac and Android Webview. This is critical information to understand where the rest of the Chrome ecosystem is at any given point.
  • Shows if any of the releases are rolling out at less than 100%. If a release is rolling out at 75%, it means only 3 in 4 will get that update. Others will probably stay where they are.
  • It will try to detect the version your Chromebook is on, and will show where it stands with respect to rest of the ecosystem. [Note that this doesn’t work on LaCrOS browser]
  • The data is updated every 6 hours currently

If you look at the bottom of this table, you would find the first few Google Chromebooks which were released more than 10 years ago. Google Cr-48 was my first Chromebook and while I don’t have it anymore, I still have fond memories of it.

Updates made since I first released this page:

  • [Sep 5] – Hides AUE devices by default. Speeds up loading. Moved some tables around to make it more readable on Mobile devices.
  • [Sep 4] – Linked to Chrome launch notes for each of the major Chrome releases. (example)
  • [Aug 30] – Added recovery URLs for each of the boards
  • [Aug 30] – Added Chrome release schedule
  • [Aug 30] – Added device names to the model page
  • [Aug 29] – Added feature to diff CLs between two different Chrome versions
  • [Aug 26] – Fixed PWA caching logic to update faster.
  • [Aug 25] – Added Mac Chrome rollout status
  • [Aug 25] – Fixed the version header while scrolling the page
  • [Aug 25] – Fixed a bug which didn’t show board names less than 5 characters in length

And since you are here, please also take a look at how I rank the top Chromebooks which are available for buying today.





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  1. Keith Burtt

    I love this but you have missed google osflex off

    1. I’ll see if that data is available. Thanks for the recommendation !

        1. yep. I found the data. Looking for a way to include this. Currently its not included because its missing a field which I was assuming would exist for all boards. Should be easy to fix over the next few days.

        2. Note: I know also show history of version changes for each board. Here it is for OS Flex:
          And if you look up redrix you will also see that its notices rollbacks as well.

          1. Love the version history, thanx much!

    2. done. Added ChromeOS Flex.

  2. Would it be possible to freeze the top row of the CrOS version rollout tracker?
    You cannot see the versions when scrolling down the table.

    Also, allowing us to sort on a particular column like Chromebooks, Model, or even AUE would be helpful too.

    Lastly, it is not detecting my Pixelbook (Eve) and displaying it across the top like your screenshot above is showing for ‘nipperkin’.

    Thanx tho, even as is it’s a great resource for those of us who work the help forums and are always trying to chase down this info.

    1. Thanks Denny for the recommendations.
      – I’ll work on freezing the top row. I think thats a great recommendation
      – Are you using LaCros or the regular chrome browser from your eve device ?
      – I’m using User-Agent to detect the ChromeOS version, but there are a few challenges with that because of which it doesn’t work in every case
      – Could you send me your user-agent ? I’ll check what could have happened.
      – Currently its sorted by AUE date, but agreed that having sorting capability would be helpful

      1. First of all, thanks for even considering my requests, I hope they won’t be too difficult to implement but if so, I understand.

        I was using the (Ash) Chrome browser when I commented about the Pixelbook (Eve) not getting ‘fully’ detected, it does show the highlighted correct version I’m using and has it flagged above it with ‘your version’ so that part works.

        I do also have the LaCrOS browser installed so I opened your site in it and it shows the same info. as the (Ash) browser, version highlighted but not ‘fully’ detected with the board name.

        The User Agents for both (Ash) & LaCrOS browsers are identical, I listed it below:

        User Agent Mozilla/5.0 (X11; CrOS x86_64 14989.58.0) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/ Safari/537.36

        Thanx for indulging me.

        1. DennyL: I have the headers fixed now… see if you can confirm thats what u were looking for. I’ll reach out to you on email to get a screenshot to understand the issue with eve.

          1. Yes, the headers work great, the top row is frozen when you scroll down the table. Thanx so much. 👍

            Concerning detecting ‘Eve’, in your screenshot:
            You show ‘ChromeOS update tracker for tomato’
            and it has all the channels & versions for the ‘tomato’ device/board.
            I don’t see that for ‘eve’ when I open that site on my ‘eve’ device but maybe I’m not understanding how it should work.

          2. Ah, I found out my issue with the device detection that I thought was failing. I assumed it was supposed to show the device’s versions at the top but I just discovered that you have to click on the codename to have that displayed at the top so it was my mistake, not an issue with the site, so sorry.

  3. Sandy

    Is there a way to filter by brand?

    1. Thats a good recommendation.
      – Will try to get that done soon.

  4. Consider adding macOS in the page as well. If you are using the version history api, there’s a dedicated URL for mac os as well:

  5. Consider adding an option to show/hide devices with expired AUE

    1. Good idea. I’m working on potential filtering options, and this could be one of them for power users.

  6. Consider integrating info from the Chromium schedule page ( into this. Would be useful to know when the dev/beta releases are expected to go into stable – I.E. when’s 107 and 108 getting stable release.

    1. yes, I wonder if this data is available in json/csv format. Will check.

  7. One other request, please:

    When you click on the model/codename it brings up all the channels and versions for that device, like in the image:

    Would it be possible to have links to the recovery images (available at ) listed below the versions?

    Then this site would be a one-stop-shop for getting chormeos rollout info., device versions, and recovery images.

    1. Thats doable. I have the data, just need to figure out how to present it.

      1. That is awesome! Thanx so much.

  8. One, or maybe two, minor issues:

    On the pages ‘Top Chromebooks’ (
    and ‘Enterprise Chromebook Blog’ (
    the links at the top of these pages to ‘ChromeOS Updates’ or ‘CHROMEOS ROLLOUT’ link to instead of the newer site.

    I don’t know if that’s intentional or not, just pointing it out.

    1. is the right link so I think its working as intended. “updates/list” is incorrect… but it will show the same page.

      1. Okay, but they do not seem to show the same page for me, in fact they detect different versions for some unknown reason, using (Ash) Chrome, see below:

        1. Good catch. It has to do with a bug I had in service worker which is now fixed. Can u clear your cache for that should make both the same. Please check and confirm.

          1. Thanx Roy, clearing the cache fixed the issue, both URLs now show the same page and the detected version is correct. 👍

    1. Done. I had the data already…. didn’t think I could fit it in 🙂 But I’ve done it now. Let me know how it looks.

      1. Alexandru Bauer

        Looks great!

  9. On the new layout when I click on the link ‘[Click here to see the entire list – with Auto-Update Expired devices]’ it brings up the entire list of devices at

    When I click on ‘Samsung Chromebook 3’, model ‘celes’, for instance, it doesn’t display the channel & version info. nor recovery image links at the top like it does for a non-AUE device.

    Is this ‘WAI (Working As Intended)’ or is it a bug or maybe just not complete yet?

    1. Yep 🙂 thats a known bug. I need to somehow remember that you intend to see the expired device. I’ll get this resolved soon. Thanks for pointing out !

    2. Denny: I rolled back a change and now it should work. Added a few more features as well… including the ability to show version changes over time for each board.

      1. Thanx, great work!

  10. Rick most of the chromebooks are US ONLY, please do one for Canada. Thanks a lot for the helpful list.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. What websites do you use in canada for shopping Chrome devices ? I can work on building that out if there is interest.

      1. password, Dell canada, Londondrugs, thesource, staples,bestbuy canada

        1. Thanks. Will check.

  11. Bill Prince

    This is a great view into the machinations of CrOS. Thank you for doing this!

    Something that I’ve run across, and I don’t know if I’m looking in the wrong place or what. I was looking for the release info for the Android Version in my current chromebook (HP chromebook x360 14). It happens to be “nami” architecture with “sona” customization.

    When I look at github, there is an entry for nami, but not sona. (

    When I look at your page, it shows sona, but not nami. A clear catch-22, but maybe I am not looking in the right place(s)?

    1. Looks like I tried to respond and it got deleted 🙂

      Here it is again… Nami has multiple boards under it.
      – For the one you want, Sona is the right one I think
      – But I generally removed the broader board name to keep things simple
      – And I can add it back if you think its helpful… will have to find ways to do it such that people won’t get confused.

      nami akali Acer Chromebook 13 (CB713-1W)
      nami akali360 Acer Chromebook Spin 13 (CP713-1WN)
      nami bard Acer Chromebook 715 (CB715-1W / CB715-1WT)
      nami ekko Acer Chromebook 714 (CB714-1W / CB714-1WT)
      nami pantheon Lenovo Yoga C630 Chromebook
      nami sona HP Chromebook x360 14
      nami syndra HP Chromebook 15
      nami vayne Dell Inspiron Chromebook 14 2-in-1 (7486)

      1. Bill Prince

        Hi Roy,

        When I originally got this chromebook, it was identified as “nami”, and that’s how I followed it. Later, it got the designation as “sona”. So there is some difference between nami and sona that is not apparent.

        I got into this because I was interested in getting LumaFusion for video editing. However, LumaFusion would not install because it found that the Android version (ARC) was version 9, and it required at least version 10.

        That prompted me to go looking for when (or if) ARC would be updated to something greater than 9. I could not find “sona” in github, but “nami” shows that it will be updated to 11 in CrOS 108.

        When I get build details on the chromebook, it shows the platform as nami, and in fact, it is also shown that way when I get details:

        Google Chrome 107.0.5304.110 (Official Build) (64-bit)
        Revision 2a558545ab7e6fb8177002bf44d4fc1717cb2998-refs/branch-heads/5304@{#1202}
        Platform 15117.112.0 (Official Build) stable-channel nami
        Firmware Version Google_Nami.10775.123.0
        Customization ID sona
        ARC 9138510 SDK Version: 28

        So I guess the answer to your question is that I think I have a nami board, with some difference that is associated as sona.

        1. Very helpful.
          – I’ll try to see if I can get the top level boards listed as well.
          – Thanks for calling it out and giving me an understanding of what may have happened.

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