How to learn more about ChromeOS

ChromeOS is the OS (Operating System) which powers Chromebooks and Chromeboxes worldwide. Its quickly becoming one of the most used OS in the world. Its also one of the fastest updating OS in the world. Every Chromebook gets at least one update every 4 weeks, and most get one every 2 (Security updates). And here is the best part, unlike most operating systems I suspect over 95% of the devices update themselves within a few days/weeks of the update being released.

With this comes challenges. How do you learn about an Operating System which is constantly improving, evolving and adding new features which never existed before on the devices. Books may have worked for OS which take 3 years to build, but clearly it won’t for ChromeOS.

So here are the top recommendations on how to learn about ChromeOS and how to keep up with all the improvements which come out on monthly basis:

Some of these recommendations from a long term Reddit user JimDatin3.






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