Chromeboxes are powerful !

Chromebooks are light, versatile, secure and relatively cheap. But Chromeboxes are slowly making a comeback. There is a very good reason.

The biggest drawback of a Chromebox is that it’s not mobile. It doesn’t have a battery, doesn’t have an input or an output device and it’s kind of ugly to look at. But because of exactly that reason, it has some significant upsides

  • Most Chromeboxes have well designed cooling architecture with a fan to control device temperature
  • This allows them to be more powerful than their counterparts.
  • Most accept standard desktop memory DIMMS, which means they are cheaper to expand
  • They allow you to connect multiple Monitors and input devices
  • They allow you to connect larger external storage
  • And they are cheaper than Chromebooks.

Amazon has a range of Chromeboxes to choose from. If you are interested, here are my personal recommendations.

  • Pick one with a i7 CPU or higher. If you want something slower, stick with a Chromebook
  • Pick one with more than 16GB ram
  • Or allow one to upgrade later

I personally use a ASUS i7 as my go to device in my home office.






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