Chrome Enterprise release notes – Version 103

Chrome release summary – version 103


Chrome browser updatesSecurityUser productivity/ AppsManagement
Private extensions using Manifest V2 no longer accepted in the Chrome Web Store in June 2022  
Chrome on Windows uses built-in DNS client by default  
Release of Speculation Rules API for prerender on Android  
Local Fonts Access API   
Unified password manager on Android 
Chrome Actions on iOS  
Improved credit and debit card Autofill   
Removing LockIconInAddressBarEnabled policy  
Enhanced Safe Browsing on iOS  
Reporting Connector  
Profile Separation Dialog rolled back  
Thank With Google Android integration  
HTTPS Key Pinning enforcement enabled on Android  
New and updated policies in Chrome browser  
Chrome OS updatesSecurityUser productivity/ AppsManagement
New built-in Screencast app for Chrome OS  
Fast Pair makes Bluetooth pairing easier  
Receive Wi-Fi credentials with Nearby Share  
Phone Hub camera roll  
Split sync settings on Chrome OS into Browser and OS categories  
Launcher (Search) redesign: Open Tab and Shortcut search  
Block accounts becoming secondary accounts 
Admin console updatesSecurityUser productivity/ AppsManagement
Customize icon and name of managed websites 
Pin Chrome app updates in Kiosk  
Updates to the Chrome Management Telemetry API   
Remote eSIM provisioning and management 
New policies in the Admin console  
Upcoming Chrome browser changesSecurityUser productivity/ AppsManagement
Increase the nesting threshold before which setTimeout(…, <4ms) start being clamped, from 5 to 100.  
Chrome will send Private Network Access preflights for subresources  
Privacy Sandbox updates   
Case-matching on CORS preflight requests  
Improved first run experience on iOS  
Extended support for Legacy Same Site Cookie Behavior policy   
Chrome 104 will no longer support OS X 10.11 and macOS 10.12  
Changes in cookie expiration date limit  
Chrome will show Journeys on the History page on Android     
Network Service on Windows will be sandboxed   
U2F API no longer supported as early as Chrome 104  
Chrome apps no longer supported on Windows, Mac, and Linux as early as Chrome 106 
Launch Renderer AppContainer 
Intent to Remove: Legacy Client Hint Mode  
Chrome sync will end support for Chrome 73 and earlier 
MetricsReportingEnabled policy will be available on Android in Chrome  
Upcoming Chrome OS changesSecurityUser productivity/ AppsManagement
Forced reboot in user session  
PDF annotating support on Gallery app  
Smart Lock UX update  
Upcoming Admin console changesSecurityUser productivity/ AppsManagement
New CSV export for some Chrome Admin console reports in Chrome 104 
New App Details page in Chrome 104  







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