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  • New Productivity features on Chromebook !

    New Productivity features on Chromebook !

    Google announced a bunch of new features today which take Chromebooks to a new level of productivity. The latest versions of ChromeOS has been slowly rolling out some of these capabilities, but they will fully come to light later this fall when these features are formally launched. Photos has a new Movie editor ! The […]

  • ChromeOS Flex – Bringing Security & Stability to retired laptops

    The simplicity and security which Chromebooks bring has been the driving force for its adoption. The 0-touch upgrades, the fleet-wide Enterprise management and silent security fixes makes it ideal for it to be used by the broader non-technical masses. I myself use it because I know its designed from scratch with security in mind. ChromeOS […]

  • All new – Thinkpad C14 Chromebook

    The latest in the line of Lenovo Chromebooks is the Thinkpad C14 which is based on 12th Generation Alder Lake CPU from Intel. In the base configuration, this 14th inch Chromebook has an Intel Core i5 CPU, 8GB RAM, 256 GB SSD and is priced at USD $1019. The device can be configured to be […]

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