Best Chromebooks for Grandparents in 2022

Gifting a laptop to your Grandparents automatically makes you their favorite IT person for the lifetime of the device.

If you like to be called every night for Tech support, I would recommend you to buy them a Windows Desktop. But if you really love your Grandparents you would buy them a Chromebook instead.

I would recommend you look at 4 key things when selecting their Chromebook (i) It needs to be light (ii) It needs to be secure by default (iii) has a large screen (iv) and it needs to be extremely low maintenance.

Why Chromebook

Light: Pick a device which is light enough to carry around. The lighter the device turns out to be, the more it would be used. Most Chromebooks are under 4 pounds, but I recommend you pick something under 3 pounds for your grandparents. There are few examples listed below.

Weight: Find a Chromebook which is light enough to carry around. The more one can carry it around, the more it would be used. While most Chromebooks weigh under 4 pounds, I would recommend you to pick something under 3 pounds. Some examples are in the table below.

Security: Chromebooks were designed with security as its core feature. It was the first widely used operating system which silently auto updated almost on a weekly basis to protect its users from Malware. 100% of the updates are created and pushed by Google irrespective of who manufactures the device.

Screen Size: Most Chromebooks have a reasonable screen size. But even if you can’t find something big, you can always increase the font size. I recommend prioritizing lighter weight over screen size.

Maintenance: The best part about the Chromebook is that there is no maintenance needed. No Anti-Virus installs needed, no regular disk cleanups, no need to periodically remove malware and definitely no need to do manual software updates.

But the best part is that these devices are so cheap, that if they are lost or destroyed, you can always buy your grandparents yet another Chromebook and have them quickly recover their files with one sign in.

Top 10 recommendations in June 2022

HP Chromebook 11 G8$1352.91lb8GB32GB11.6inch
Lenovo C340$1262.6lb4GB32GB11.6inch
Samsung Chromebook4$1292.6lb4GB16GB11.6inch
Lenovo 10e $1231.1lb4GB32GB10.1inch
Lenovo 100e Gen2 $1562.67lb4GB32GB11.6inch
HP Chromebook 11 G8 $1712.9lb4GB32GB11.6inch
Acer C722$1392.58lb4GB32GB11.6inch
Lenovo 500e Gen2 $2802.89lb8GB64GB11.6inch
Acer Chromebook 512 $1902.8lb4GB32GB12inch
Acer C733T$1992.76lb4GB32GB11.6inch
Lenovo 300e 2nd Gen $2002.98lb4GB32GB11.6inch
Top 10 Chromebooks for your Grandparents
Updated list can be found here






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