Best 10 Chromeboxes in 2022

If you need a very large monitor, or have a CPU intensive workload, I strongly recommend you to get a Chromebox instead of a Chromebook.

Chromeboxes can support multiple large monitors, different types of input peripherals and are typically more powerful than their counter parts. While they don’t have screens and touch pads, they make up for it in reduced cost.

Here are the top Chromeboxes in 2022.

Asus Chromebox 4 G7068UN$889.99Intel Core i72.2 lb16GB256GB
Acer Chromebox CXI4$944.99Intel Core i71.34 lb16GB256GB
Asus Fanless Chromebox F7070U$992.99Intel Core i72.65 lb16GB256GB
HP Chromebox G3$615.99Intel Core i51.30 lb8GB64GB
Asus Chromebox 4 G5043UN$617.99Intel Core i52.2 lb8GB128GB
Acer Chromebox CXI4$623.99Intel Core i51.34 lb8GB256GB
Asus Fanless Chromebox F5050U$692.99Intel Core i52.65 lb8GB256GB
HP Chromebox Enterprise G3$738.99Intel Core i51.30 lb8GB64GB
Asus Chromebox 4 G5043UNENT$768.99Intel Core i52.2 lb8GB128GB
Asus Chromebox 4 G3023UN$496.99Intel Core i32.2 lb8GB128GB
Acer Chromebox CXI4$512.99Intel Core i31.34 lb8GB128GB

This list is updated every week as new devices come in. The latest can be found here.






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