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  • Inspecting Chrome release schedules

    Inspecting Chrome release schedules

    ChromeOS makes OS updates seamless and completely transparent to the users. There are no Patch-Tuesdays in ChromeOS world and certainly no service-packs either. However, if you have more than a few 100 Chromebooks in your network, understanding what releases are rolling out, and when is important. This can become very handy when you troubleshoot user-issues. […]

  • Chrome M107 rollout: Impact analysis

    Chrome M107 is already rolling out. ChromeOS is listed as rolled out, but so far none of the devices yet have M107. This is normal and I expect the OS rollout to start over the next few days. Mac and Windows however are at 10% rollout already. This means that one in every 10 update […]

  • Repairing Chromebooks at scale

    Most of you would already know that Google supports Chromebooks with 7 to 8 years with OS updates. This is one of the sites which can be used to quickly find Chromebook AUE dates for your devices. If your organization is buying a lot of Chromebooks, you may need to think ahead about how to […]

  • Explosive growth of HTTPS

    Eight years ago, 50% of the traffic to Google was in HTTP. Today Google boasts of over 95% of the traffic being secured by HTTPS. This unprecedented transition required a lot of industry-wide partnerships across multiple organizations. The biggest change I noticed was on Chrome on Android which moved from 29% to 96% HTTPS in […]

  • ChromeOS administrator certification (its Free!)

    Google today announced that just like its certification for Professional Workspace admin its now launching a certification for ChromeOS Administrators which would be specifically designed for ChromeOS experts to demonstrate that they can do all of the critical tasks needed to manage a ChromeOS fleet at scale. Designed for enterprise and education systems administrators, and […]

  • ChromeOS update frequency demystified

    If you follow this blog, you already know that ChromeOS updates roll out every 4 weeks. You should also know that there are 6 different channels available and as a ChromeOS admin there may be a need for you to use more than one channels in your organization. While all channels officially progress every four […]

  • Hidden secret: Chrome’s “Extended Stable Refresh” channel

    Chrome has revolutionized how security and feature updates are pushed to users. Up until Chrome M94 release, Chrome used to update the binaries every 6 weeks, but since then they have moved to updating the browser every 4 weeks instead. This allows Google to push out security and feature updates much more rapidly. For more […]

  • Hacking Google: Protecting users

    Google released a series of Youtube videos earlier today to give the public a view of the threats and challenges it faces on daily basis and how it investigates, prevents and protects its infrastructure to keep its employees, users and their data protected day after day. It shines light on its team of security experts […]

  • HSTS: Forcing HTTPS for your service

    You may have a hard time finding a non-HTTPS site today, but it was not too long ago when the default was HTTP. Sites like Facebook and Google were available without HTTPS/SSL for anyone in the network path to sniff and inject traffic into (even steal passwords and cookies). ISPs in particular loved to know […]

  • Microsoft: ChromeOS is well hardened

    Last month security researchers from Microsoft reported and worked with Google to fix a memory corruption vulnerability in a ChromeOS component that could be triggered remotely. I would recommend you to read the whole post on Microsoft’s site, but the part which brought a smile to my face from that report is the section where […]

  • Chrome M106 rolling out !

    Chrome M106 is starting to rollout today. Mac OS is getting M106 at 10% rollout at this moment, which means 1 in every 10 update requests from the AutoUpdate engine would get a M106 update payload. While I don’t see ChromeOS move to M106 yet, we should see it soon. Its typical for ChromeOS to […]

  • Chrome for billions

    Chrome team made an interesting post yesterday where they highlighted some interesting facts of how they manage to update Chrome for billions of users week after week. None of this should be a surprise to those who watch my block, but here are the top four take aways They emphasized that there are multiple Chrome […]

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